Symple Office

a sampling of assorted meal boxes with a variety of veggies and proteins

Always have a meal ready! Your Wellness program starts here

* Chef curated, seasonal vegetable meal boxes. You just choose proteins you would like to have and how many!

* Healthy and perfectly cooked using only olive oil salt and pepper

* Stocked and ready to go in your fridge with twice a week, up to daily deliveries depending on size. Boxes guaranteed 3 days of deliciousness

* Easy Auto Pilot order process (set it and forget it!) don't waste time on ordering every day or every week!

Always have a healthy meal available for a team member in need!

* Reusable container program to help the environment and keep costs down on a premium product. We would provide storage container to place all used containers and lids to be picked up with every delivery!

* Composable containers available as well for those not able to return or for one off event gatherings.

* We handle rotation of food in your fridge to ensure freshness

* Weekly stock management available to ensure proper amount of food is being ordered and consumed

* Easy billing through the website or if you prefer we can send invoices and establish terms

When We Deliver

We deliver Mondays and Thursdays by 12pm. Unless otherwise determine based on volume and refrigerator space.

To schedule delivery for a other days please Contact Us by email.

How to Order

Order online or Contact Us for Invoice based order.

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