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Symple Foods founder Airen Aikman

Hello, my name is Airen,

I've had a lifelong journey in the food industry, starting from my early days at the family bakery/restaurant in Illinois to eventually owning my own restaurants and cafes. About 12 years ago, I made the move to San Francisco, where I managed renowned fast-casual spots like Panera, Boudin at Fisherman's Wharf, and The Grove. For the past seven years, I've honed my skills in management and logistics while working with a high-end catering group. This experience has allowed me to organize exceptional events, ranging from small dinner parties to big holiday parties, weddings and major Festivals events.

During the challenging times brought on by pandemic, the catering industry came to a standstill. However, this pause gave me the opportunity to pursue a concept I had been contemplating for quite some time. It represents the culmination of my previous experiences in cooking, managing, organizing, and assisting food start-ups, as well as incorporating my personal philosophy on how I want to approach eating in the future.

This idea was born out of the frustration of clients spending excessive time deliberating over menus, and myself investing too much effort in creating them. Over time, as these clients grew to trust me, the decision-making process dwindled until they would simply call me and let me take care of the cooking. This brought peace of mind to clients, relieving them of the burden of thinking about meals while ensuring they received delicious food effortlessly. This sparked the realization that everyone could benefit from this approach. Rather than offering elaborate meals spanning various cuisines, I devised the concept of providing a selection of cooked foods that could be combined in any desired combination.

Moreover, I committed to focus on quality ingredient and cooking using only olive oil, salt, and pepper. I personally tested this concept for several months, as did a few friends, and we all fell in love with the simplicity and convenience.

Instead of reaching for junk food, chips, or bars for a snack, we now opt for a box of quinoa, a few veggies and protein for a more substantial meal.

I have been following this approach for the majority of the workweek. This leaves the weekends open for culinary adventures, such as ordering different cuisines or enjoying a fancier dinner.

The Symple concept was created to address the need for sustenance during the week when you're focused on work and other responsibilities, and simply want good, healthy food to eat—no fuss, no work, no excessive thought required. It's about providing healthy, portioned foods that are ready to be consumed, promoting a better and healthier version of yourself without turning it into a strict diet. Instead, it's about adopting a better way of eating most of the time!

Symple represents simplicity, as the name suggests. It offers meals for home and office delivery.

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