Our Story

Our Story….

It started with two private and catering chefs coming together with different backgrounds and different styles of cooking but a common understanding that curating to everyones needs and wants is getting out of control! The time spent deciding on what, where and when to eat was taking more time and energy than it was to simply eat!

So Symple was born. We procure the best ingredients and prepare them perfectly using only organic olive oil, salt and pepper believing that ingredients flavors should be experience and enjoyed!

Chef Rafael had pro athletes in Brazil that he used to cook prepared and weighted meals, hence we have our food kits weighed at 100g a box and our meal boxes at 350g.

Chef Airen is a food logistics expert and purest and insisted on simplifying the food from chef driven combinations to the basics and let the food do what its supposed to…fuel the body in the cleanest most enjoyable way!


Chef Airen Aikman Chef Rafael Olintho

Chef Airen Aikman Chef Rafael Olintho


  • Airen Aikman- grew up working in family restaurants back in central Illinois

  • Rafael-grew up in Sao Paolo Brazil

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